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Psychotherapy aims to alleviate psychological distress through talking. Patterns in our thinking and behaviour can sometimes prevent us from living a full and meaningful life. If a person can identify their feelings and their thought patterns they will feel better able to cope when difficult situations arise.  Therapy can create a space for a person to explore these deeper parts and speak of things they may never have been able to speak about before. It can assist people who are in crisis or are searching for meaning and purpose in their life.

Sometimes our thoughts can make us feel trapped or frozen within ourselves making it difficult to cope with everyday life challenges. It may be that you are experiencing feelings of anxiety or depression. You may find it difficult to form or maintain healthy relationships. You may lack confidence, have low self worth or are very self critical. Some people may be experiencing strong feelings of anger, guilt, shame or bitterness and find it difficult to move forward or to let go of the past. Perhaps you are looking to change or enhance your life through personal growth and development.

Psychotherapy has proved to be very beneficial for a wide range of issues including the following:

  • It can help develop a greater sense of self awareness and self acceptance.
  • It can aid personal growth, help develop self confidence and improve your sense of well being.
  • It can help us to overcome fears through self exploration.
  • It can give a person a different perspective on a problem, helping direct the person toward a solution.
  • It can develop more effective coping mechanisms and life skills.
  • It can help to identify and achieve long and short term goals.