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Whatever the issue may be, my role as a Psychotherapist is to provide professional assistance to people who are experiencing personal difficulties and to help alleviate those difficulties. I strive to bring the client to a place of relief within themselves from their suffering, while actively involving the client in their own process. I look at unproductive thoughts and patterns of behaviour as well as unresolved feelings which may be preventing a person from leading a satisfying life. I offer support in times of pain, transition and personal growth. I do this in a secure, supportive, confidential and non-judgemental space.

The client can use this therapeutic space for a range of issues including the following:

Depression Anxiety
Relationship difficulties Suicidal Thoughts
Self Harm Sexual Abuse
Stress/ Worry Negative thoughts
Trauma Bereavement
Interpersonal Conflict    Panic Attacks
Low self worth/self esteem Bullying
Life Transitions Co-Dependency
Personal Growth / Development  Fear

My main aim being that the client will become comfortable in their own skin, realise their own potential and learn how to use their own internal resources, making it easier for them to function in relationships and in society. I encourage the client to recognise and use parts of themselves, which up until now, may have been overlooked or not used to their full potential.